National Watermelon Day?

I just saw on Instagram that it’s National Watermelon Day – I hope that’s true. If not, oh well… here’s another set of watermelon printables to help celebrate the summer.

Today’s printable is also a little new to me, in that it doesn’t involve much color… which is why I had to make up for it with a second printable! The first is a set of three papers. I hope it’s clear that it’s a watermelon spear and a whole watermelon (though curiously perfectly round) in a little pattern. Three versions in all; click a thumbnail to open and save. Enjoy!

Watermelon pattern printable

Watermelon pattern Watermelon pattern printable

The second is a little poster. I really love that yellow, despite its crazy brightness. Click to open.

A slice of the good life

Happy August, everyone! Have fun!


It’s my party, I can use pink if I want to…

I’m smack in the middle of a lovely stay-cation and while I’m not accomplishing everything I had planned, I have been pretty successful in getting more organized and catching up on some UFOs. I’m so thrilled that I finally finished this album from my 30th birthday. I started the project during a scrapbooking convention called Reflections; it was a kit from the workshop led by Debbie Ruiz and was one of my favorites. Now it’s in my mini book basket and I’m ready for the next unfinished project.


Pretty dainty dots

I made this for you. Time to party.

#free #printable #scrapbook #paper #dots

Doesn’t it seem like a bunch of lovely balloons floating off to heaven, or confetti flying through the air? Here’s to happy accidents and this lovely little paper which is going to become the background for my next shadowbox. Cheers!

Freebie Fridaaay!

I fattened up those stripes a little bit, and even added a double set in the later versions. I could go on and on and on with different color combinations, but that wouldn’t really be healthy, eh?

I try to use a variety of color palettes for you all, I really do. Most of the time I just play around in my Pantone SC library until the combos jive together. If you spend much time around here, you’ll know that I love pink and bright colors, so the downloads often reflect that. (After all, if I wouldn’t want to use my printables, then why on earth would you?) If you’re tired of the brights, or you have other colors you want to see, please let me know in the comments. Even better, if you have a color swatch or image or hex code or any kind of source material, send me an email and attach the source to your note!

As always, right click each thumbnail and either open in a new window or “save target/link as…” to get the PDF. If you save the image and later try to print at full screen, it will be grainy because it’s pretty low resolution.

Free printable stripes paper Free printable stripes paper Free printable stripes paper Free printable stripes paper Free printable stripes paper Free printable stripes paper

Stripes Ahoy!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good stripe. Actually, I do know – you love them, too, based on the re-pins from my blog. My post with straight up plain stripes has had over 1,000 pins, plus my messy stripes and other variations have seen quite a bit of action. That’s why I’m introducing yet another form of stripes today: the skinny messy stripes.

We’re just starting with a few today, but I’ll have some other variations shortly, including stripes that are a little thicker and farther apart. As always, click the thumbnail or right-click and “save target/link as…” to get to the PDF. If you save the image below, it won’t be a high enough resolution to print at full page size.

Skinny messy #stripes #free #printable Skinny messy #stripes #free #printable #purple Skinny messy #stripes #free #printable #pink #fuschia Skinny messy #stripes #free #printable #yellow Skinny messy #stripes #free #printable #black Skinny messy #stripes #free #printable #white

Ch-ch-ch-changes… and a download!

If you see my posts by visiting the site directly, you may have noticed a few (read: quite a few, really) changes around this domain. After using the same tired theme for 3+ years, I finally decided to infuse a little color into the site and start doing a little housekeeping!

That said, I may have missed things here and there, plus I’m still doing updates and clean up for the next month, so please bear with me. If you find anything that doesn’t link or looks really scary, please drop me a line using the contact link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Now, on to the download!

It’s well into summertime and what else screams summer than fresh, juicy watermelon! I was playing around with this, and while it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever done I did think you might enjoy a little watermelon patterned paper set. Click each image to go to its PDF. Enjoy!

Watermelon #free #printable  Watermelon #free #printable #2 Watermelon #free #printable #3

Red, white and blue

Saturday marks America’s independence day and to celebrate, I’ve got some red, white & blue – related printables for you. Today’s download is a set of 6 papers in the red, white & blue stripes. I used the actual Pantone colors of the American flag (not as great on the web as in print, sorry!) and created three versions of solid stripes as well as three versions of the messy horizontal stripes. The first of each is alternating red, white and blue stripes. The second page is red and white. The third page is blue and white. All six pages come in a single download; click one of the images below to open.

Red, white & blue stripes #free #printable Red, white and blue messy stripes #free #printable