Red, white and blue

By | July 2, 2015

Saturday marks America’s independence day and to celebrate, I’ve got some red, white & blue – related printables for you. Today’s download is a set of 6 papers in the red, white & blue stripes. I used the actual Pantone colors of the American flag (not as great on the web as in print, sorry!) and created three versions of solid stripes as well as three versions of the messy horizontal stripes. The first of each is alternating red, white and blue stripes. The second page is red and white. The third page is blue and white. All six pages come in a single download; click one of the images below to open.

Red, white & blue stripes #free #printable Red, white and blue messy stripes #free #printable

Scrappy Doodle Dandy

By | June 27, 2015

My scrapbooking has definitely been affected since I downsized to a one-bedroom apartment, but I have managed to squeeze in a little scrappy here and there. Here are some of the latest pages I’ve created:

20150606scrappy7 20150606scrappy4 20150606scrappy1 20150606scrappy2 20150606scrappy3 20150606scrappy5 20150606scrappy6 20150606scrappy8

Freebie Friday Geos

By | June 26, 2015

Lately I’ve been forced to look at my life: where I’ve been, the choices I’ve made, the people I’ve hurt along the way. It’s been a very humbling experience that has shifted my identity a bit. The biggest realization has been that I’m somewhat of a fraud, parading around calling myself an artist but the truth is, I’m extremely out of practice. Out of practice, out of touch, out of inspiration, out of the spark – the list goes on and on.

In a form of internal bootcamp or something, I’ve recently acquired a small collection of new sketchbooks. I’m really hoping this gets me back into the groove and into something I can be proud of. Time to make more time for art, make more art, see more art, live more art. This is my pledge of sorts.

One of the things that came of my new realization is that I’m not free enough with my drawing. I focus so hard on the details and making the next great masterpiece that I often leave a drawing or painting unfinished, abandoning it mid-way through because I’m so unhappy with it and ashamed of my lack of true artistic ability.

To counteract the vicious critics in my head, I’ve been trying to hold the pencil near the very end, working more with my wrist than my fingers. This has started to help a little, at least in terms of loosening up and just going with my heart. Today’s download is a manifestation of that desire for looseness and quick action, without thinking too much about it.

Though I created these strictly on the computer, I applied the same principles as in my drawing/painting and as a result, I had these puppies ready to post in about 20 minutes. Not too shabby! I love the end results, and I really hope you do, too. I can’t wait to print like 20 of them on cardstock to use for fussy cutting, die cutting and collaging. I’ll be printing several more of the lighter versions for notepads and pages in my handmade books. That’s what I call #fullofwin !

Geos download #free #printable Geos download #free #printable 5

Geos download #free #printable 2 Geos download #free #printable 3 Geos download #free #printable 4  Worth It #free #printable

Worth it #free #printable

DONUT worry

By | June 5, 2015

Happy #NationalDoughnutDay to all my fellow sugar-loving friends!

In honor of doughnuts everywhere, I’ve created a new set of downloads for you. I could see the three papers being used as placemats, wrapping paper or filler for your next delectable dozen. And I know, I know, it says to add sprinkles but *technically* I put nonpareils on my digital doughnut – but I just couldn’t find a sprinkle combination that looked right, so I switched to nonpareils at the eleventh hour. Forgive me?

Click an image to go to its respective PDF, or right click and choose “Save Target As…” – note that if you save the image itself, the file won’t be a high enough resolution to print at full page; you must use the PDF. Also, papers #2 and #4 are zip files because they exceed the maximum file size allowed for uploads to my site. Enjoy, and donut worry – add some sprinkles!

#DonutDay #Doughnut #free #printable

#DonutDay #Doughnut #free #printable #paper 2

Zip files:
#DonutDay #Doughnut #free #printable #paper  #DonutDay #Doughnut #free #printable #paper 3


Freebie Friday… colorful cut apart cards

By | May 22, 2015

Cut Apart Free Printable Journaling Cards

More requests for chevron

By | May 18, 2015

I received a request last week from Ashley who wanted some chevron in red, teal, black and white. Ask and you shall receive, friends! This one’s all in one document, but there are five versions to choose from.

Teal, Red, Black, White Chevron paper Teal, Red, Black, White chevron paper Teal, White, Red, Black chevron paper Teal, Red, Black, White chevron paper Teal, Red, Black, White chevron paper

Messy Stripes redux

By | May 12, 2015

Heyo! I personally really love the look of horizontal stripes on a mini album page, so I’ve put together some printables that should do the trick nicely. Each pdf comes with a letter size pattern in portrait orientation, then two half-page patterns on the next sheet. Click the thumbnail to see each pattern. Enjoy!

Horizontal Messy Stripes - black & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - red & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - red & coral Horizontal Messy Stripes - pink & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - teal & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - cotton candy & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - purple & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - blue & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - green & white Horizontal Messy Stripes - chartreuse & white

Shine Bright Like a-

By | May 6, 2015

Hey, hey! It’s already May!

I was futzing around in Illustrator, as usual, and whipped up a set of messy diamond patterns for you. Soon I’ll be back with more messy stripes, too!

Click the thumbnail of the image you want; it will open in another tab as a pdf. Save that file, not the thumbnail. If you save the thumbnail and try to print, it will be very pixelated (fuzzy) because it’s not a hi-res image. Enjoy!

Diamonds Pattern 1 Diamonds pattern 2 Diamonds pattern 3 Diamonds pattern 4 Diamonds pattern 5 Diamonds pattern 6 Diamonds pattern 7 Diamonds pattern 8

Grey Chevys

By | April 7, 2015

I received a request last month from Tosha, who wanted some grey chevron. Ask and you shall receive…

Free Printable Grey Chevron Free Printable Grey Chevron #2 Free Printable Grey Chevron #3 Free Printable Grey Chevron #4 Free Printable Grey Chevron #5 Free Printable Grey Chevron #6 Free Printable Grey Chevron #7 Free Printable Grey Chevron #8

DIY St. Patrick’s Day badge & free printable

By | March 12, 2015

I wrote a while back about Wanda’s Birthday Club and the badges I made for everyone to wear. I’m following up today with a printable St. Patrick’s Day badge and some quick instructions.

If you don’t want to go through all the steps to add fringe and a pin back, I bet the rounds would fit nicely into the tops of mason jars. I’m sure you all could think of a lot of other uses, too!


DIY St. Patricks Day badges





1. Print the sheet of badges onto cardstock. Choose option DO NOT SCALE or they won’t fit perfectly into the punch

2. Punch out each badge with a 3” punch.

3. Use thin cardboard like a cereal box and punch out two 3” circles for each badge you intend to make.

4. Plug in your hot glue gun so it can start warming up.

5. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half longwise. Use fold as guide to cut in half.

6. Fold each smaller piece of tissue paper in half first along width and then again along height.

7. Hold one piece of folded tissue paper so that the longest fold is facing away from you and the open ends are closest to you. Cut off the smaller fold on the side, then cut small strips into the paper, leaving at least 1/4” space to the edge.

8. Repeat on second piece of tissue paper.

9. Use your hot glue gun to place squiggles of glue all around the edge of the cardboard circle, about 1/4” or so deep.

10. Attach your fringe by placing into glue with folded edge on the inside of the circle. Gently mold your fringe to go around the perimeter of the circle. Repeat with remaining fringe as needed, or if you want a lot of fringe on your badge. Don’t be afraid to layer it!

11. Add more hot glue to your circle, including on some of the fringe that overlaps the circle. Quickly place your printed badge on top and position. Repeat for all badges.

12. When glue has cooled, place your badge face-down on your work surface and place a small strip of glue in the location of your pin. Grab a pin and place it in the glue. *Note: be sure your glue doesn’t block the fastener as it will glue the thing shut and render it unusable. I made this mistake a few times!

13. Carefully fluff your fringe and distribute. Wasn’t that fun?!


DIY St Patricks Day badges


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