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Halloween free printable coffin gift tags

I love me some Halloween, and my enthusiasm wasn’t even dampened by this year’s push by all the stores to shove it in our faces before 4th of July was over.

In trying to think of fun and new free printables for you, I just started playing around with Halloween-y things and eventually arrived at these coffin-shaped gift tags. Now you may be thinking it’s a little weird to use my trademark pink, teal and yellow along with the traditional orange in a Halloween printable, but I like to mix it up and I hope you’ll trust me and just go with it.

There are two pages to this printable; in the first the coffins are colored at the bottom half, and in the second the coffins simply have a line to denote the coffin shape at the bottom half. Print one or both, no matter. There are eight BOO! marquees on each page, as well, in the event you don’t like how plain the bottom half of the coffins look. I’ve also indicated where to punch a hole for each tag. Enjoy!

Here’s my version. I printed the filled in sheet, and used a crappy laser printer. I also ran the BOO! pieces through my Minc for a little something extra, just for fun. They fit pretty well in the body of the coffin. I left the yellow one empty, and used a thin sharpie to write a quick note instead:
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Freebie Friday! 2016 Halloween edition part 1

I went to a store the other day, and they were already stocking the Halloween section. In August. At first I was appalled, but then I got really excited because I freaking love Halloween! The holiday was on my mind as I began playing with some old design files, so I wound up making you some free printable Halloween cats papers. (Because, why not?!)

Click a thumbnail to go to that design’s full size pdf, or right click/”save target as….” to grab it. If you save these images and try to print them later, you won’t be happy with the pixelated images that come out.

More Halloweeny fun coming soon! Without further adieu, here you go… enjoy! 

Free printable Halloween cats papers - black and grey Free printable Halloween cats papers - purple and blues Free printable Halloween cats papers - purple and blues  Continue Reading →

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Typeface Tuesday!

Why, hello there!

One of my goals for 2016 was to cut back on my extra-curricular activities in order to streamline my time management and make room for the fun things I like to do.

As it turns out, I failed miserably at accomplishing this goal. A side effect of doing so was my having to ignore some aspects of my life, and this blog was one of the first things to go on the list.

Now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (thank yoooou!) there are so many things I want to share, so stay tuned and check back for updates.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you some of the fonts I’ve recently fallen in love with/downloaded. Enjoy! Continue Reading →

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Shamrock & Roll garland

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, so I bring you a few more ways to decorate your home or office. Today’s file is a set of shamrocks that you can use for garland. The first page has the shamrocks connected in rows; print and cut, then connect each row with your favorite adhesive. The second page of the PDF has the second image, just shamrocks on a page. Print and cut, then use them with your own paper or string for garland, or use them in any other fashion you can think up! The third page of the PDF has a bunch of rows of green strips, just in case you don’t have green paper on hand (and want it.) Continue Reading →

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Luck of the Irish

#free #printable #Ireland #StPatricksDay cards

Click. Save. Print.

Enjoy today’s printable cards. Cut them apart, write on the back, and give ’em to someone you love, or use them to embellish other projects. Have fun!
*note: right-click and ‘save target/link as..’ or open the pdf in a new/current window before you save. If you save the jpg, it will not print properly/at the right size.

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Mix & Match Halloween Garland Printable

Happy fall, ya’ll!

I’m sure you’ve noticed a bit of radio silence on my end of the blogisphere (or maybe not?) so I wanted to pop in with a new download for you today. I created it as a mix & match craft, so you can print as many of each pattern as you wish – or even use your own paper. There are also three different sets of letters so you can truly personalize to your heart’s desire. The letters provided spell out HAPPY HALLOWEEN! and BOO – so have fun!

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DIY Popsicle Garland

Okay, so maybe I want to post one more summer-related freebie. Remember a few weeks back when I brought you the summertime Typeface Tuesday? I used one of the dingbats (Iced Lolly Ding) to create a printable garland for you. I just kept seeing those adorable popsicles and had to do something with them before the end of summer. Click the thumbnail to go to the PDF, then simply 1) PRINT – 2) CUT – 3) PUNCH – 4) HANG. Print multiples if you want a longer garland. Most of all, have fun! Bring a smile to someone’s face!


DIY Popsicle Garland