last minute printable gift tags

By | December 22, 2014

Can you believe we’re three days from Christmas? Holy moly, that snuck up on me quickly! If you’re like me, you may be freaking out a little about the fact that you haven’t yet wrapped or mailed your gifts back home (eep!)

Here’s a quick printable that can be used for a variety of projects. I first used the design last year for my holiday cards and then repurposed the graphic for some last minute printable elements. This year I needed a quick fix for some baked deliciousness that I made for my coworkers, so I decided to give the Merry & Bright graphic another go around the holiday circuit.


Sorry for the blurry photo; it was a quick phone snap on the way down the hall; my colleague already ate some of the treats so it’s not the entire picture of what I passed out, but you get the idea. Yogurt cup & bubble lid + treats in mini cupcake wrappers + washi tape + merry & bright card = happy coworkers.

This is the download I share with you today; click the image below to go to the pdf. Print, cut and be merry!

free printable holiday gift tags cards

Falling for Fall

By | November 14, 2014

Hello again, my friends! I have re-emerged from my cocoon with a renewed longing for my favorite season, fall. Being in Southern California, I miss having seasons like we did in the midwest. I always loved the crispness in the air and the smell of winter’s edge that marked the end of summer… and let’s not forget the overwhelming beauty of the multi-colored leaves that dot the landscapes.

I took a Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting class a few weeks ago and it was perfectly fitting to my longing for fall. This was my finished painting:


In the spirit of this dwindling season (much sympathy to my friends in “the middle” who have already started receiving snowfall) I bring you some leafy love printables. Enjoy!

Printable leaf pattern

Printable leaf pattern paper  Printable leaf pattern paper

Printable leaf art

Freebie Friday – Polka Bat

By | October 3, 2014

Happy Friday! Welcome to a long-awaited edition of Freebie Friday; it’s good to be back.

I was playing around with some shapes and created this guy by accident. I want to flush out the bat/dot concept a little further sometime in the future, but in the mean time I do believe these could work as patterned paper. Enjoy!

Polka bat free printable Halloween paper

Polka Bat free printable Halloween paper


Halloween dots printable paper

Halloween dots free printable paper

Another new pattern

By | October 2, 2014

I was playing around and came up with this pattern, which I kinda liked, so I share it here with you. Enjoy!

Strippy Stripes printable

Strippy Stripes 2 printable


Cartoon hanging bat

By | October 1, 2014

I was suddenly inspired to create this little guy, and I thought he’d make a cute little hanging decoration for Halloween, so I’m sharing him here with you.

Print. Cut. Hang…. enjoy!

Printable hanging bat for Halloween

Like riding a bike

By | October 1, 2014

I can’t believe we’re already into October; where has the time gone? It’s amazing to me how quickly the minutes become hours, hours become days, and so on and so forth – especially since I moved to California. Speaking of which, how has it already been 8 years? I am amazed, to say the least.

2014 has not been the most productive year for me; I’ve suffered from a lack of time management, lack of inspiration, and oftentimes a lack of self-worth. I’m slowly realizing, however, that I must take my life into my own hands to craft my future and happiness. That’s a tough one to grasp sometimes, methinks.

During my past few months of self-discovery, I’ve given this little site nary a thought, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. I have high hopes of reclaiming my presence on the web, and using this site as a means for playing, practicing and flushing out some ideas. Of course, that means a continuation of the freebie universe here on the blog, so kick back, relax and prepare to print your brains out!

Thanks for sticking with me this year – I can’t believe how many hits the site’s continued to get. You are awesome! Hopefully I’ll be able to provide you with plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

A note for anyone who sent a request in 2014: I’m sorry that it wasn’t met. I’ll do what I can to catch up as soon as possible.

So much for planning ahead…

By | August 8, 2014

I whipped up a bunch of new versions of my classic chevron pattern, in different colors and configurations, before I left for vacation. I even uploaded them to the server… and then forgot to come back and schedule a few posts. So much for planning ahead!

I swear, these days I can’t seem to focus on more than one thing at a time, and I’ve got about 10 things that I’m trying to juggle at once. Anyway, here are some new chevron patterns for your downloading pleasure. As always, if you make something cute, send me a pic! I love seeing my downloads in action.

yellow thin chevronyellow plain chevron yellow multi chevronyellow depth chevron superbright-red orange chevronsuperbright-green yellow chevron rainbow chevronpurple yellow pink chevron


By | July 2, 2014

Greetings & salutations!

I apologize for my radio silence; it seems I’m not that great at balancing all of the things I want to do in life, so inevitably one aspect of my life or another gets abandoned during the busy times. I’ll explain my absence later.

I received a number of requests while I was away and I’ll be addressing those in the next few days, so please bear with me and I hope it’s not too late for those of you who put in special requests.

For now, I wanted to share some 4th of July/US Independence Day/patriotic downloads with you. The first is a bunting/banner template that I like to use around the office. There are two per page, so simply print out as many as you want the banner to be wide and then cut them out. Alternate stars and stripes and either punch holes in the corners & string yarn through each end, or fold the ends over a string, then hang and enjoy.

patriotic banner

Freebie Friday!

By | April 18, 2014

Happy Friday!

I made this pattern by accident and actually really liked it, so now I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy + have fun! I hope you make something fabulous!

Modern plaid pattern

A Solar Affair

By | April 14, 2014


I was playing around with Illustrator this weekend, trying to make a perfect scatter brush in hopes of cutting corners. Well, that didn’t pan out as I’d hoped but it did inspire today’s printable. I’m calling it Solar Circles because it feels kind of space-y. Now go forth and make fun stuff!

Solar Circles pattern - pink Solar Circles - pink 2 Solar Circles pattern - purple Solar Circles pattern - orange Solar Circles pattern - red Solar Circles pattern - tealSolar Circles pattern - purple 2 Solar Circles pattern - pink 3