So much for planning ahead…

By | August 8, 2014

I whipped up a bunch of new versions of my classic chevron pattern, in different colors and configurations, before I left for vacation. I even uploaded them to the server… and then forgot to come back and schedule a few posts. So much for planning ahead!

I swear, these days I can’t seem to focus on more than one thing at a time, and I’ve got about 10 things that I’m trying to juggle at once. Anyway, here are some new chevron patterns for your downloading pleasure. As always, if you make something cute, send me a pic! I love seeing my downloads in action.

yellow thin chevronyellow plain chevron yellow multi chevronyellow depth chevron superbright-red orange chevronsuperbright-green yellow chevron rainbow chevronpurple yellow pink chevron


By | July 2, 2014

Greetings & salutations!

I apologize for my radio silence; it seems I’m not that great at balancing all of the things I want to do in life, so inevitably one aspect of my life or another gets abandoned during the busy times. I’ll explain my absence later.

I received a number of requests while I was away and I’ll be addressing those in the next few days, so please bear with me and I hope it’s not too late for those of you who put in special requests.

For now, I wanted to share some 4th of July/US Independence Day/patriotic downloads with you. The first is a bunting/banner template that I like to use around the office. There are two per page, so simply print out as many as you want the banner to be wide and then cut them out. Alternate stars and stripes and either punch holes in the corners & string yarn through each end, or fold the ends over a string, then hang and enjoy.

patriotic banner

Freebie Friday!

By | April 18, 2014

Happy Friday!

I made this pattern by accident and actually really liked it, so now I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy + have fun! I hope you make something fabulous!

Modern plaid pattern

A Solar Affair

By | April 14, 2014


I was playing around with Illustrator this weekend, trying to make a perfect scatter brush in hopes of cutting corners. Well, that didn’t pan out as I’d hoped but it did inspire today’s printable. I’m calling it Solar Circles because it feels kind of space-y. Now go forth and make fun stuff!

Solar Circles pattern - pink Solar Circles - pink 2 Solar Circles pattern - purple Solar Circles pattern - orange Solar Circles pattern - red Solar Circles pattern - tealSolar Circles pattern - purple 2 Solar Circles pattern - pink 3

Freebie Friday – Geometric Trees

By | April 11, 2014

Today’s patterns are the cousins of yesterday’s extreme chevrons. I was just playing around with the placement of my repeating triangles and liked the way these looked.

Click the image to go to the pdf download. PDFs can be opened in any design program, or printed directly from Acrobat or Reader.

I’ll have this week’s downloads added to the downloads page within the next week. Enjoy!

Pink trees pattern Pow trees patternBlue trees pattern Grey trees pattern Orange trees pattern Orange trees pattern

A New Kind of Chevron

By | April 10, 2014

Hey, hi, hello! I love having this blog as a creative outlet because it allows me to play around with different ideas and inspires me to try new things… which is what happened the other day.

I was working on some geometric patterns using triangles and accidentally created these gems. So here’s your extreme chevron – I hope you can find a use for it! Within the week I’ll link them on the chevron downloads page. Enjoy!

Berry Triangles pattern Blue Triangles pattern Bright Triangles pattern Grey Triangles pattern Purple Triangles pattern 1 Purple Triangles pattern 2 Sun Triangles pattern Yellow Triangles pattern

Stripes on Freebie Friday

By | March 21, 2014


I saw this fabric that was just large, bold stripes and it inspired me to make some papers. Here you go! Happy Friday!

yelo2b stripes pattern

yelob stripes pattern


bigstripesb pattern


cotton candy stripes pattern


pinkb stripes pattern


purpb stripes pattern


redb stripes pattern

Cleaning House

By | March 19, 2014

Hey there! Happy almost-spring!

Thanks for visiting this old blog despite the lack of updates. And thanks for your comments/messages. Here are responses to the latest requests.

Bev requested Grey Chevron #2 in a landscape format. She wasn’t able to rotate bc of the pw protect, so first here’s an updated pdf w/o password:
grey2b chevron pattern update

Here it is simply rotated to landscape orientation:
grey2c chevron pattern

And here is the pattern completely rotated & adjusted to fit landscape:
grey2altb chevron pattern

Next I received a comment from Nata wanting to know how to save as a jpg; since the pw protect was also on this file, it wasn’t possible. Here is a jpg of the Anchors Aweigh pattern:
20130611anchorsupd2b JPG

And here is the updated pdf for Nata:
anchorsupd2b anchors pattern

And finally, Tracey posted a comment regarding the Tiffany Blue Chevron. Here’s the large pattern pdf updated to remove the password:
tiffanyblu2 chevron pattern update


And here’s the smaller Tiffany Blue chevron pattern pdf:
tiffchevsm pattern update

And finally, I have the first round of organization started on my downloads files. You can access a sampling of the chevron patterns by clicking the link under FREEBIES in the menu bar, or by visiting this link

This is only the beginning, folks. Much more awesomeness to come!

Remember, I love seeing what you make with my patterns, so feel free to email me a pic!

Pitter Patter: Heart Patterns

By | February 13, 2014

This is what I felt like making today –  just a bunch of heart patterned paper in a variety of color combos (13 different papers, to be exact). I went a little color crazy. They’re all in one massive PDF. I hope you enjoy it!

Feb 13 2014 printable Feb 13 2014 printable 2 Feb 13 2014 printable 3

Valentine Mini Notes

By | February 12, 2014

Here’s your free printable for the day – super simple & easy to use! Print, cut, fold. Write a note and put with candy, treats, gifts, etc. Each card is about a 2″ square when folded.

Click the image to go to the PDF. Cheers.

Feb 12 214 vtine download