Mix & Match Halloween Garland Printable

Happy fall, ya’ll!

I’m sure you’ve noticed a bit of radio silence on my end of the blogisphere (or maybe not?) so I wanted to pop in with a new download for you today. But first, an explanation.

When I started this blog, it was actually based on live music, bands and new releases and meant as a way for me to keep track of new music I liked and shows that were coming through town. After I attended my first scrapbooking convention (remember those?) I was astonished to learn about design teams and design blogs and all the resources out there on the web for scrapbookers like me, and I wanted to be a part of it. I don’t know, maybe I hoped to get noticed by a manufacturer and wind up on a design team or get published in a scrap mag. Honestly, I’m not sure. I converted this blog, though, and began posting about the papercrafting industry and various DIY/craft/art projects or random things I enjoyed.

It wasn’t long after the conversion that I realized I needed a hook, so I created my first set of [now-embarrassing] printables to share with the world. Lo and behold, it actually worked, and my posts with printables received way more views than anything else. I started receiving emails requesting certain patterns and my analytics showed that my site visits increased to the high-hundreds, sometimes low-thousands. Most of that was thanks to Pinterest, which provided a major shift in how content was viewed (more on that later).

Some time in the past 5 years, I stopped reading the scrap blogs and realized I was no longer inspired by manufacturers and design teams. I realized that while I sometimes adopted current trends I was still forging my own path and doing my own thing. I also stopped scrapping as frequently as I used to, and stopped shopping nearly altogether as I downsized to a one-bedroom apartment and realized that my stash was overrunning my life. (sounds familiar, I’m sure!)

Since I’ve been working full-time as a graphic designer, this blog has been a fun way to experiment with patterns, or to use things that I came up with at work but abandoned in the design process. I’ve really enjoyed it. However, I’ve spent the past few months examining my priorities and how I spend my time, and this blog wasn’t really even in my top 20. I have so many things going on, between my day job, my side job with the band and my etsy shop that my personal time has been much more limited. At the same time, my social calendar has expanded twofold and I’ve been trying to focus on re-centering my artistic energies through sketching, drawing and painting. Let’s not even get into how tired I am of sitting in front of a computer after doing so for eight+ hours a day, or the physical therapy I had to go through on my shoulder because of an injury from sitting in the same position day after day. Oh, right… said I wasn’t going to get into that!

This is a long way of saying that as the industry has changed, so have I. Pinterest has been really great in that it gives people the opportunity to find printables and posts that I made five years ago, and it’s given a new life to my blog. My enthusiasm for the blog remains high, but in the current and future phases of my life my interest is not what it once was. As a result, I plan to redesign the blog format within the next few months and make it much friendlier for finding the massive library of downloads I’ve made available. I tried cataloging them as I went but I frequently forgot to add them to pages, and the downloads section is not very well organized. I’m hoping to transition to a different blog theme and make this place more like a regular website with easy-to-find content. My posts will be sporadic, but I’ll still be here. Once I redesign this page, I’m going to spend 2016 focusing on my personal portfolio site and getting my current work out into the cloud. It’s pretty embarrassing to network with other designers and end the conversation with, “No, I don’t have an online portfolio. My website? No, no, it’s still under construction. Yep, been that way for about 10 years. No current plans to update, no.” (Or something of the like.)


With that out of the way, please do grab and use the following Halloween garland. I created it as a mix & match craft, so you can print as many of each pattern as you wish – or even use your own paper. There are also three different sets of letters so you can truly personalize to your heart’s desire. The letters provided spell out HAPPY HALLOWEEN! and BOO – so have fun!

Mix & Match Halloween Garland Mix & Match Halloween Garland

Mix & Match Halloween GarlandMix & Match Halloween GarlandMix & Match Halloween Garland

DIY Popsicle Garland

Okay, so maybe I want to post one more summer-related freebie. Remember a few weeks back when I brought you the summertime Typeface Tuesday? I used one of the dingbats (Iced Lolly Ding) to create a printable garland for you. I just kept seeing those adorable popsicles and had to do something with them before the end of summer. Click the thumbnail to go to the PDF, then simply 1) PRINT – 2) CUT – 3) PUNCH – 4) HANG. Print multiples if you want a longer garland. Most of all, have fun! Bring a smile to someone’s face!


DIY Popsicle Garland

Another Freebie Friday!

Seriously, how is it almost September? This is crazy. One of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make since I moved to Southern CA nearly a decade ago is the rapid progression of time. I swear, I put something off for a day and in the blink of an eye, it’s been a month and everyone hates me. I kid, but I do really struggle with keeping up sometimes. Thank goodness for planners and to-do lists, right?!

I thought I’d do one last bright summer palette before we transition to fall (and my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE time of year!) Enjoy!

More Messy Stripes 1 More Messy Stripes 2 More Messy Stripes 3 More Messy Stripes 4 More Messy Stripes 5  More Messy Stripes 6 More Messy Stripes 7 More Messy Stripes 8 More Messy Stripes 9


I took a trip back home last summer and wanted to make a travel scrapbook along the way. Anyone who’s scrapped with me knows that I find it impossible to create typical travel minis, and I don’t really mind the bulk of a larger travel album.

This time I went with a K & Company SMASH book. It was my first time working with one and while I wish it were a little thicker to account for the bulk of my pages, all in all it worked out pretty well. I chose the yellow travel SMASH book and only had to tear out or cover up about 5 pages that didn’t really fit into the theme. There were a lot of themed pages from different countries that didn’t really make sense to have all in one album, but I worked with them and covered up parts with photos and ephemera.

The trip was full of excitement. I took a red eye flight and wound up sleeping in the car in my parent’s driveway until a more reasonable time to wake them up, then I spent some time with my sister exploring the hippest places in StL. I met up with college friends in the trendy neighborhood of the Delmar Loop, saw a fireworks show from a rooftop lounge, and did a little too much shopping. I was able to take a road trip to my undergraduate college campus and met up with some old friends, got to take a tour of a new residence hall and the new-ish arts campus (so jealous!) and explore the riverfront area (where the movie Gone Girl was filmed.) On the way back, I took a detour to the teeny tiny town where my grandparents are buried, then stopped at my dad’s favorite hometown restaurant there and picked him up one of their famous pies (he was floored). I got to see Meet Me in St. Louis with some of my favorite people on the lawn of the StL Art Museum in Forest Park, where the 1904 World’s Fair & Exposition was held. That was a trip and so awesome. My mom and I continued our tradition of visiting the Art Museum for a day, and on the way back we stopped at my graduate college campus to walk around and reminisce. My entire extended family got together that night for dinner and hijinks, and the next day I met up with one of my longest-time friends for a Cardinals game and an afternoon of bar hopping and enjoying delicious local beers. My final day in town was spent having lunch with my aunts and cousins, then a trip to the St. Louis Arch and riverfront, where I enjoyed one last local beer unavailable in California. I left for the airport early the next day to a downpour of rain; it was the perfect time to get out of town.

Here are some of my favorite pages from the book; it was definitely an adventure!

Another New Pattern

This might be my favorite yet. I love the colors and can’t wait to print this baby out for use in some upcoming projects. Hooray!

Lovely Dainty Dots Pattern

Ask and You Shall Receive…

It’s Freebie Friday, so naturally I must respond to a few requests I’ve received the past few weeks. Let’s do this!

First is a black & white version of the large chevron I posted in 2012:

Black & White chevron paper

Next up is the same pattern but in grey & white, as requested by Jennifer:

Grey & White chevron paper

While we’re at it, how about some grey chevron without the white?

Black & Grey chevron paper Grey chevron paper Grey Chevron paper #2 Grey chevron paper #3


Typeface Tuesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve provided some font suggestions, so today I bring you my Typeface Tuesday: Summer Edition. Below are some fonts and some dingbats (install and use just like a font, except there are graphics in place of letters) that might help in any final summer creations.

Don’t forget my rule of thumb: Just because something is available as a free font doesn’t mean you should download it! If I’m on the fence about downloading one, I look at the pangrams and if I can’t clearly make out the name of the font as it is written with the font, I skip it.

#1: Dood Flow

Dood Flow

#2: Chum-chum
Chum chum

#3: Mix Punch Out
Mix Punch Out

#4: Surfing Capital – warning for Windows users, it takes up a lot of memory
Surfing Capital

#5: Notepaper Airplanes (I really love this one)
Notepaper Airplanes

#6: Frozen Rita
Frozen Rita

#7: Mix Lean
Mix Lean

#8: Iced Lolly Ding – I really can’t wait to start using this!
Iced Lolly Ding

#9: Frente H1
Frente H1

#10: Intro Rust – I’ve used this quite a bit the past few weeks
Intro Rust

#11: Powerhouse Era
Powerhouse Era

and one commercial font, on sale until August 16:

#12: Blog Script – one of the better ones I’ve seen so far
Blog Script

So download, make stuff, have fun – and let me see what you’ve created!