It’s been awhile since I’ve provided some font suggestions, so today I bring you my Typeface Tuesday: Summer Edition. Below are some fonts and some dingbats (install and use just like a font, except there are graphics in place of letters) that might help in any final summer creations.

Don’t forget my rule of thumb: Just because something is available as a free font doesn’t mean you should download it! If I’m on the fence about downloading one, I look at the pangrams and if I can’t clearly make out the name of the font as it is written with the font, I skip it.

#1: Dood Flow

Dood Flow

#2: Chum-chum
Chum chum

#3: Mix Punch Out
Mix Punch Out

#4: Surfing Capital – warning for Windows users, it takes up a lot of memory
Surfing Capital

#5: Notepaper Airplanes (I really love this one)
Notepaper Airplanes

#6: Frozen Rita
Frozen Rita

#7: Mix Lean
Mix Lean

#8: Iced Lolly Ding – I really can’t wait to start using this!
Iced Lolly Ding

#9: Frente H1
Frente H1

#10: Intro Rust – I’ve used this quite a bit the past few weeks
Intro Rust

#11: Powerhouse Era
Powerhouse Era

and one commercial font, on sale until August 16:

#12: Blog Script – one of the better ones I’ve seen so far
Blog Script

So download, make stuff, have fun – and let me see what you’ve created!

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Author: Jess Amazing

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