I love me some Halloween, and my enthusiasm wasn’t even dampened by this year’s push by all the stores to shove it in our faces before 4th of July was over.

In trying to think of fun and new free printables for you, I just started playing around with Halloween-y things and eventually arrived at these coffin-shaped gift tags. Now you may be thinking it’s a little weird to use my trademark pink, teal and yellow along with the traditional orange in a Halloween printable, but I like to mix it up and I hope you’ll trust me and just go with it.

There are two pages to this printable; in the first the coffins are colored at the bottom half, and in the second the coffins simply have a line to denote the coffin shape at the bottom half. Print one or both, no matter. There are eight BOO! marquees on each page, as well, in the event you don’t like how plain the bottom half of the coffins look. I’ve also indicated where to punch a hole for each tag. Enjoy!

Here’s my version. I printed the filled in sheet, and used a crappy laser printer. I also ran the BOO! pieces through my Minc for a little something extra, just for fun. They fit pretty well in the body of the coffin. I left the yellow one empty, and used a thin sharpie to write a quick note instead:


Click the thumbnails to go to the downloads. Print, cut, have fun!

Free printable coffin gift tags Halloween- line free printable coffin gift tags Halloween - filled

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Author: Jess Amazing

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