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This past week we celebrated one of my dear friends with a pre-birthday shindig at the hometown Reel Big Fish show with Less Than Jake. It was so much fun putting a bunch of DIY touches on the night and I can’t wait for the opportunity to do something like this again!

It started with a basic logo. Since Wanda is a huge fan of Disney, I went with a play off the 1950s Mickey Mouse Club logo. (I always loved Annette…)
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Take me back!

Happy belated 2015, folks! So much for my new year, new way of doing things plans. I guess I’ll treat February as the start of the new way of doing things instead. That includes getting back to a regular posting schedule, and some fun new projects that I hope will inspire you. I have a ton of projects stuck on Pinterest, and this year I want to actually make some of them. Hopefully it’ll be a fun adventure for all of us!

Enough with the future, though; let’s talk about the past. This is, after all, the year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown (and Einstein & Jennifer Parker, too) visited from 1985. Very special, indeed, and kind of frightening. However, I can’t wait for this to happen in LA, so long as I’m able to get tickets.

The specific past I refer to is mine, this past holiday recess.

Since my sister and I live 1500+ miles from our family on opposite coasts, it gets real tricky trying to celebrate Christmas with the gang during the actual holiday. Thus, we’ve begun a tradition of meeting in the middle during the first weekend of December for our huge family reunion/holiday party, which is always a blast.

The downside? By the time December 10 rolls around, I’ve already exchanged & opened gifts with my family, had pictures with Santa, sung Christmas carols, driven around to look at Christmas lights, played holiday games, had some Christmas beverages, and everything else that comes with the holidays.

That means I’m usually alone on the actual holiday, all my friends are busy with their families, and I feel a little sad that maybe I’m missing out on something.

That’s not a great way to end the year, or to start a new one, so this year I made a very spontaneous decision and booked a flight to London with less than 48 hours to pack and prepare. And you know what? It was the best decision I’ve ever made. My wallet might disagree, but he’ll get fattened up in the spring.


London was so lovely and such a wonderful place to spend the holidays, save the frigid cold (I came to California to get away from that stuff!)

Here’s a rundown of my London adventure (I long to be there now!)

Just Another Manic Monday…

Today has been one of those days:

  • I didn’t sleep well last night
  • I hit snooze on my alarm for nearly an hour
  • Upon realizing I was totes running late, I became Clutzo the Clown
  • I kept dropping every. little. thing.
  • I ran into four different walls
  • My makeup looks like it was applied by a 2 year-old
  • I spilled my coffee
  • My outfit just wasn’t quite right
  • I couldn’t find my shoes
  • My keys were stuck jumbled in the ring
  • I couldn’t get the garage door open
  • I didn’t get to eat breakfast & didn’t grab a snack


Fortunately, I work in a place that is quite forgiving, but I hate strolling in after the work day has begun. 

For these and many other reasons, I dedicate this song to the day:

Goodwill Hunting

I recently ventured to my local Goodwill in search of some plain ceramic dishware for this DIY project.

Browsing was required because you never know what you might find.

Ain’t that the truth!

I’ve been obsessed with old ornate frames that have been given new life with bright coats of paint and wanted one for myself. Lucky for me, I snagged one for $2.99!

My next adventure took place in the dishes section, which I have to admit is my favorite because they sort everything by color. Success. Plate acquired.

On to the eclectic “Everything else” section for one last browse. I almost skipped it due to the massive crowd, but decided to press on.

I needled my way through and found a pair of adorable lampshades that will totally match my apartment decor!

new lamp

This find was truly a gift from above… earlier in the week I added lamp shades to my wish list. I’ve been using some that I acquired during the year-long, emotionally draining process of cleaning out my Grampa’s house in 2005 and they were ready to retire.

The thing is, I’m on a very fixed budget while I continue to dig myself out of the debt of securing and furnishing an entire apartment in a week. Lamp shades did not meet the criteria to become a necessity.

I snatched those bad boys up in a heartbeat and made my way to the register. I left the store with an ornate-ish frame ($2.99), one white ceramic plate ($0.99) and a pair of adorable lamp shades ($9.99) plus one gigantic goofy grin. Chalk that one up to another win.

Memories like fingerprints…

Sometimes I sit back and reflect upon the past 33 years. I struggle to comprehend how quickly time has passed. It seriously blows my mind; sometimes I can think back to a moment in my childhood, or high school, or college even, and it all seems so fresh and recent. Then I do the math and realize that those moments were 10, 15, even 25 years ago.

Am I alone in this?

Well, I can’t stop the passage of time but I can travel back through my memories thanks to my relentless scrapbooking and memory-keeping…which is precisely what I’ve been doing these past few months since downsizing to my one-bedroom apartment.

It’s been a challenge to whittle my belongings down but I’m doing it, little by little, and taking a journey through the past in the process. What an interesting, sometimes emotional, but always humbling adventure.

Okay, enough words. Here are the songs consistently spinning on heavy rotation throughout my high school days. Gotta love ’em…

Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman

The Breeders – No Aloha

Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade

The Cranberries – Zombie

Candlebox – Far Behind


…aaaaaand now you have a little better insight into what I was like in 1995. You’re welcome. 


Subsequently, I have frightened my cat with my head-banging and enthusiastic singing of these songs.


On Tuesday, February 19 I am:


Drinking: Starbucks hot toffeenut latte

Eating: Rold Gold pretzel twists

Making: a new website for students, a pamphlet for international students, a diagram for commencement

Listening to: Miranda Lambert, Mama’s Broken Heart 

Watching: the rain fall onto the streets below

Browsing: LinkedIn design groups, Torrid online clearance section

Wearing: my lovely new black heels that are making my feet go numb – I will break them in, even if it kills me!

Thinking: that it would be nice to get more than four hours’ sleep, that it’s nice to have a shortened work week and zero plans for the weekend

Designing with: InDesign CS5

Wishing for: automatic refills to my latte while it sits on my desk

Loving: Person of Interest, Once Upon A Time and Switched at Birth on the tele. I’ve been waiting for something to fill the void left by Alias for a long, long time. I’m thankful that POI continues to intrigue.

And here’s a little webcam fun to close out the day…


Happy Birthday to Finn!

One day in October 2011, I was compelled to submit an application for a furry little roommate. Within the week, I was driving home from Corona with a tiny, sick and frightened little creature beside me. Within an hour of introducing him to the house, Finnegan decided that he would keep me. We spent the remainder of the day cuddled up on the couch.

Finnegan 1

Fortunately for me, the teeny, flea-infested, stinky-breath, sick, smelly, dirty cat with acne was ready for his forever home. We found a vet that helped clear up his eye infection, gave me tips for treating his other ailments, prescribed some acne meds and tooth cleaner and gave him a flea dip.

Here we are, 14 months later, healthy, happy and best buds/roommates for life.

This sweet kitty keeps me warm when I’m cold, greets me at the window and door every day, snuggles up close at night, plays fetch like a dog, prefers to held like a baby (slung over my shoulder) and loves a good ear scratch. He loves paper and crafting just as much as I do, and likes to be just beyond reach to watch me craft, cook and create.

My Bud, Finnegan

I never thought I’d want to share my home with another animal, but this one definitely won me over. So raise a glass and celebrate this precious, kind and gentle beast. Happy Birthday, dear Finnegan!



The Long-awaited Video

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll remember that I took part in the filming of a music video back in the fall. Well, the video has officially been released and now I share it with you, my dear readers, to enjoy forever more. Check out my homies Xyzyx on Facebook for more awesomeness.

And now, without further adieu, I bring you the long-awaited video:

Didya see me in the second row?