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DIY Popsicle Garland

Okay, so maybe I want to post one more summer-related freebie. Remember a few weeks back when I brought you the summertime Typeface Tuesday? I used one of the dingbats (Iced Lolly Ding) to create a printable garland for you. I just kept seeing those adorable popsicles and had to do something with them before the end of summer. Click the thumbnail to go to the PDF, then simply 1) PRINT – 2) CUT – 3) PUNCH – 4) HANG. Print multiples if you want a longer garland. Most of all, have fun! Bring a smile to someone’s face!


DIY Popsicle Garland

Typeface Tuesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve provided some font suggestions, so today I bring you my Typeface Tuesday: Summer Edition. Below are some fonts and some dingbats (install and use just like a font, except there are graphics in place of letters) that might help in any final summer creations.

Don’t forget my rule of thumb: Just because something is available as a free font doesn’t mean you should download it! If I’m on the fence about downloading one, I look at the pangrams and if I can’t clearly make out the name of the font as it is written with the font, I skip it. More »

Freebie Friday Geos

Lately I’ve been forced to look at my life: where I’ve been, the choices I’ve made, the people I’ve hurt along the way. It’s been a very humbling experience that has shifted my identity a bit. The biggest realization has been that I’m somewhat of a fraud, parading around calling myself an artist but the truth is, I’m extremely out of practice. Out of practice, out of touch, out of inspiration, out of the spark – the list goes on and on.

In a form of internal bootcamp or something, I’ve recently acquired a small collection of new sketchbooks. I’m really hoping this gets me back into the groove and into something I can be proud of. Time to make more time for art, make more art, see more art, live more art. This is my pledge of sorts.

One of the things that came of my new realization is that I’m not free enough with my drawing. I focus so hard on the details and making the next great masterpiece that I often leave a drawing or painting unfinished, abandoning it mid-way through because I’m so unhappy with it and ashamed of my lack of true artistic ability.

To counteract the vicious critics in my head, I’ve been trying to hold the pencil near the very end, working more with my wrist than my fingers. This has started to help a little, at least in terms of loosening up and just going with my heart. Today’s download is a manifestation of that desire for looseness and quick action, without thinking too much about it.

Though I created these strictly on the computer, I applied the same principles as in my drawing/painting and as a result, I had these puppies ready to post in about 20 minutes. Not too shabby! I love the end results, and I really hope you do, too. I can’t wait to print like 20 of them on cardstock to use for fussy cutting, die cutting and collaging. I’ll be printing several more of the lighter versions for notepads and pages in my handmade books. That’s what I call #fullofwin !

Geos download #free #printable Geos download #free #printable 5 More »

DONUT worry

Happy #NationalDoughnutDay to all my fellow sugar-loving friends!

In honor of doughnuts everywhere, I’ve created a new set of downloads for you. I could see the three papers being used as placemats, wrapping paper or filler for your next delectable dozen. And I know, I know, it says to add sprinkles but *technically* I put nonpareils on my digital doughnut – but I just couldn’t find a sprinkle combination that looked right, so I switched to nonpareils at the eleventh hour. Forgive me?

Click an image to go to its respective PDF, or right click and choose “Save Target As…” – note that if you save the image itself, the file won’t be a high enough resolution to print at full page; you must use the PDF. Also, papers #2 and #4 are zip files because they exceed the maximum file size allowed for uploads to my site. Enjoy, and donut worry – add some sprinkles!

#DonutDay #Doughnut #free #printable More »


This past week we celebrated one of my dear friends with a pre-birthday shindig at the hometown Reel Big Fish show with Less Than Jake. It was so much fun putting a bunch of DIY touches on the night and I can’t wait for the opportunity to do something like this again!

It started with a basic logo. Since Wanda is a huge fan of Disney, I went with a play off the 1950s Mickey Mouse Club logo. (I always loved Annette…)
jwebday More »

Merry and Bright

I decided to add a personal note to my holiday cards this year, so I designed a little insert and then scrapified it until I was happy. I’ll have photos of the finished project later, but for now I’ve decided to share the main elements with you as a set of printables. I ho-ho-hope you like them!

You may be learning by now that I don’t often use precise measurements, so you may have to play around with the scaling in adobe reader to fit them to your ideal size. I believe they’re about 5×7 but I’m too lazy to go back and check. I sized them to fit snugly inside the store-bought cards I sent.

The main font is Trend Slab Five plus Bergamot Ornaments for the “and” element. I do love my font collection… maybe you will, too!

merry & bright printable holiday card

As an added bonus, I’ve also put together a template for address labels, in the event you want to stick these suckers in envelopes and seal them with the same little graphic. I used the Avery Address Label template 5260. Please note: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the PDF template. Test out all three of these files on a plain sheet of paper before printing on your labels.


Here it is in:      PDF  |  DOC   |  DOCX

And as if that weren’t fun enough, here is a PNG of the graphic. Have fun, kids! Happy holidays and be of good cheer!

merry & bright PNG