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Where has the time gone?

Sometimes I spend my weekends in total shock that the week has already passed me by. This week is no exception; I can’t believe it’s already Friday!

I’m back in the sunshine state, where I’ve been in training since an hour after I returned. (At least the weather has been amazing!)

Here’s a quick recap of my midwest adventures:
Thursday- Spent the morning with my favorite 2 year old and puppy. Exciting and exhausting! Kudos to moms all over the world-how do you do it?

My reward for surviving the morning was a delicious lunch from my favorite place on earth, Imo’s Pizza. It’s The Square Beyond Compare! and a staple in the meals of St. Louisans across the globe.

The square beyond compare

The evening was spent with a friendly Scrabble tournament against my mother, who apparently has been practicing.

Friday– Lunch with my beautiful momma, who was celebrating her 60th birthday. Then a little shopping adventure at the scrapbooking superstore Archiver’s where there was more I wanted to purchase than I could manage,  followed by a reunion dinner at Jimmy Johns (come to SoCal please!) and more hangout time at The Franke Fortress, otherwise known as the home of my BFF and her family. I enjoyed a nice, cold Guinness while cuddling by the fire with my puppy.

Mazzy Star!Mazzy Star

Saturday was a little more relaxed, as I stayed at the house and did some scrapbooking. I’m working on a journal that I made for someone, and since I’ve received such positive feedback about it I will be creating more of them to list on my etsy- exciting times ahead! The rest of the night was spent with family to celebrate my mom’s 60th. Good times!

Sunday was the big day! My amazing mother loves to cook a family breakfast on Sundays (it was a tradition throughout her childhood and then mine) so she made us her delicious pancakes that reign supreme over any others, and we kicked it a bit before it was time to leave. I bought my parents lunch from, what else, Imo’s Pizza and I made sure to save some for my travels back west. As the day turned to evening, we embarked on our adventure to Busch Stadium for the baseball game.

Toasted RavioliBusch Stadium

It was the perfect night for baseball and the Cards fans were out in droves. It was great. My aunt had ordered hats for the family that read, “Bev is 60” and one for my mom that said, “I’m Bev.” She was mortified but a really good sport. We met up with the rest of the family, taking up 3 rows in true Morr fashion, and settled in for a good game.

Most of the action occurred within the first inning, including a smash hit homerun by fan favorite Pujols. Then the game really slowed, but it was a good time to catch up with the fam and the Frankes. And thanks to social networking, I was able to catch up with some old childhood friends that were also at the game. Excellent. In the end, we won, so Go Cards! It was good times all around!

Pujols' home run!

We got back to the house around 11:30pm and I had a solid 4 hours of sleep before my angelic mother took me to the airport for my early morning flight. Thankfully I was in first class so I was able to stretch out, catch some zzzs and enjoy the flight. I got back to California around 11am and started training at work around 1pm- and I haven’t had a chance to look back until now. Whew.