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New download: Party chevron for Christina

I received an email recently from Christina, asking for some full page, medium-sized chevron in the below colors. Naturally, I obliged… (don’t worry, Rachel, I’m still finishing up your request for dog outlines & dog/cat paper!)

If you’re new to my site, you should know the following about my downloads:

  • Each pattern is a PDF file, designed to print on a standard 8.5 x 11″ page
  • Each download contains a strip at the bottom featuring my URL
  • Each PDF is password-protected, which means you can’t open it in Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Contact me for info on purchasing full-access licenses


This time I’ve also included a high-resolution, transparent png of each pattern in this download collection, but since my WordPress is wonky you can only get it in the zip file with the pdf. Enjoy!

Blue Chevron:   .pdf   |   both in .zip

yellow chev
Yellow Chevron:   .pdf   |   both in .zip

green chev
Green Chevron:   .pdf   |   both in .zip

orange chev
Orange Chevron:   .pdf   |   both in .zip

red chev
Red Chevron:   .pdf   |   both in .zip

More chevron!

Hello and happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.

Today I’m back with some more chevron, this time in yellows and blues, for reader Ashley (plus one bonus red). Click each thumbnail to go to the corresponding pdf download. I will have the downloads page organized in a few weeks so until then, you’ll need to grab the various chevrons from each post. Cheers.

Even more chevron

My chevron pattern downloads continue to be the most popular feature of this here blog, so I will continue to indulge you.

Today’s downloads come from a request by reader Ashley, who asked for greys, navy and yellows. Here is the first batch of greys for you, Ashley! Thanks for writing in. 🙂

I’ll have more sizes in grey soon, and then I will move to the blues & yellows. Stay tuned!

If any of my lovely readers have a specific color you would like to see in a chevron pattern, use the form below to send me an email! I just need the PMS color, CMYK or RGB breakdown, or hex code of the color you like. Also let me know if you’d like it in a full page (the big chevron) or smaller (half sheet, quarter sheet, etc.) and your wish shall be my command. Chevron downloads are after the request form.

Click the thumbnail to go to each download. They won’t be added to my downloads page quite yet, but this summer I will be reorganizing that page and making things a bit easier to navigate. Hooray!

Here’s a sheet with four shades of grey on one:

Freebie Friday: Mega Chevron Edition

Hello world!

Whenever I log into my blog dashboard I always take a peek at the analytics and sometimes, I just have to laugh. It’s good to know how many visitors I’ve had, what the most popular posts are, and the keywords that land people on my site.

While some of those keywords really have me laughing (and wondering what led the user to wind up at my site), some of them are really helpful. For instance, the single most popular search that lands people on my main page is chevron download.

Well, the people have spoken & I am here to deliver!

Today you’ll find the first in a series of various chevron downloads, all in pdf format on a portait 8.5″x11″ page. (Although the beauty of pdf is that you can scale it to whatever paper you want to print on.)

If you’d like to request custom size graphics or custom colors, drop me a line! Click the image below of the download you wish to open, and it will take you to the pdf. If you encounter any problems, please let me know. Enjoy!

On a roll

I’m fortunate to be in a space that allows me to have an entire room devoted to my creative endeavors and this past week I’ve made a concerted effort to make at least one thing each day. Here’s my progress, using my personal challenge of scrapping with my stash in the process:

I loved the red color of my Target photo envelope so I punched some clouds from it, used a piece of a Starbucks bag (leftover from my daily album) and cut some strips from a Sassafras Lass 6×6 paper pad. I feel like there should be some sort of embellishment to the left of “museum” above the journaling because the writing is formatted oddly, but on the whole I like this page. Fun times! I LOVE those tomato red thickers!

As part of my personal challenge, I blindly grabbed this red chevron paper from October Afternoon and I loved it so much, I didn’t want to use it. I decided to use it very sparingly, and grabbed a piece of kraft as my base instead. I printed the photo on the left from my computer just with my laser printer- I hope it lasts. The black pennant to the right of the instax mini is propped up with foam squares. It then lifts the top of the photo a bit.

This last one was for a challenge on Two Peas using the new Dear Lizzy line. I’m not one for pastel, so I decided to take the challenge and in the process, purchased a bunch of her new line. I had this photo of me and my aunt that was just waiting to be scrapped, so I just started taking some elements from her line and adding them to the page. I loved the look of the vellum butterflies and the ease of punching them I experienced. I actually wound up making 30 or so butterflies that shall soon be incorporated into another project. Woot.

I’m really digging getting into the crafting groove. The other day at work I was stricken with all of this inspiration and couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5 so I could run home and CREATE. That truly is one of the best feelings in the world. So much fun to be had!

In other news, I’m working on some fun things for the shop. I’ve been hoarding -er, gathering, Halloween papers and stamps for a couple of fun fall projects I have in mind. I had a hard time finding papers in the design style I had in mind, so I’ve taken to creating some various designs myself. There’s a purple layered paper that I’m particularly excited about, which will be used in the mini book I’m putting together. Hopefully the kits will be something that interests others. Stay tuned for more!

Chevron chic

Sorry for my absence the past few weeks- this is the busy season for my job and I’ve been working 10-12 hour days… and of course I never had time to schedule some posts beforehand. Forgive me!?!

In the time that I’ve been away, I’ve continued to check out Pinterest for inspiration and I’ve been seeing a lot of chevron. And so I bring you some basic chevron papers/patterns to print and enjoy!