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Mix & Match Halloween Garland Printable

Happy fall, ya’ll!

I’m sure you’ve noticed a bit of radio silence on my end of the blogisphere (or maybe not?) so I wanted to pop in with a new download for you today. I created it as a mix & match craft, so you can print as many of each pattern as you wish – or even use your own paper. There are also three different sets of letters so you can truly personalize to your heart’s desire. The letters provided spell out HAPPY HALLOWEEN! and BOO – so have fun!

Mix & Match Halloween Garland Mix & Match Halloween Garland More »

That Goodwill Frame

Remember that $2.99 frame I picked up from Goodwill? This weekend, I gave it a facelift…

The little bugger surprised me: the inner frame is covered in velvety goodness! No spray paint on that section. Surprise!

thrift store frame

Because of this surprise, I needed to tape it up a bit.

taped and ready!

I used my Krylon Fusion spray paint and went to town on the frame! No primer on this one, since the frame was already light-colored and the paint has great coverage.

sprayed a lovely pink

Once it dried, I removed the painter’s tape…

pretty in pink

You can see where some paint bled through onto the velvet. No matter.

I grabbed my trusty square artists pastels and found a close match to the pink. Then I scrubbed the color in until it had an even coat.

I cleaned up the dust, sprayed the frame with hairspray (to set it) and let it dry. It then went up on the wall with my other salvaged frames.

finished frame

I’m not sure if I’ll keep that inner velvety frame; from the back it looks like it may have been added to the original and it should be pretty easy to pry apart.

Otherwise, I might go back over it with the spray paint – I didn’t initially want to this because I wanted to retain the velvety softness, but I’m not totally digging how it looks with the chalk pastels.

Goodwill Hunting

I recently ventured to my local Goodwill in search of some plain ceramic dishware for this DIY project.

Browsing was required because you never know what you might find.

Ain’t that the truth!

I’ve been obsessed with old ornate frames that have been given new life with bright coats of paint and wanted one for myself. Lucky for me, I snagged one for $2.99!

My next adventure took place in the dishes section, which I have to admit is my favorite because they sort everything by color. Success. Plate acquired.

On to the eclectic “Everything else” section for one last browse. I almost skipped it due to the massive crowd, but decided to press on.

I needled my way through and found a pair of adorable lampshades that will totally match my apartment decor!

new lamp

This find was truly a gift from above… earlier in the week I added lamp shades to my wish list. I’ve been using some that I acquired during the year-long, emotionally draining process of cleaning out my Grampa’s house in 2005 and they were ready to retire.

The thing is, I’m on a very fixed budget while I continue to dig myself out of the debt of securing and furnishing an entire apartment in a week. Lamp shades did not meet the criteria to become a necessity.

I snatched those bad boys up in a heartbeat and made my way to the register. I left the store with an ornate-ish frame ($2.99), one white ceramic plate ($0.99) and a pair of adorable lamp shades ($9.99) plus one gigantic goofy grin. Chalk that one up to another win.