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New download: blue nacho


I’ve been getting a number of emails from you showing me what you’ve been doing with my downloads and I have to say, it’s pretty neat! Keep ’em coming!

Today I bring you a download I like to call “Blue Nacho” because when I was first making it, the triangles seemed to jump all over the page like dancing nachos… oh and I was working in a color very similar to that of cheese.

Check it out, save it, print it out and go crazy nuts. Have fun!

By the way, I’m writing this from my phone so I apologize for any formatting errors.

blue nacho

blue nacho pdf

12.12.12 – peppermint downloads

Happy 12.12.12! — this day will never again happen in our lifetime. Crazy cool, right?

In honor of this day, and the impending Christmas holiday, I’ve made you some holiday tags that I’m calling peppermint as well as some chevron. Click the image to go to its download, or right click and choose “Save as…” to save the pdf.

Peppermint holiday tags

Red chevron paper

Peppermint chevron download

 Tags & Labels

As American as…

My fellow Americans and I are counting down til the stuff your face, shop til you drop, sit back and relax holiday we call Thanksgiving and it wouldn’t be a fall holiday without some pumpkin pie. Therefore, I bring you some pumpkin-inspired downloads today.

Click the image to go to the download, or right-click the image and select “Save As…”


Hang tight; I’ll be back tomorrow with some more downloadable fun!

Freebie Friday!

Howdy folks!

It seems like I haven’t stepped away from my design programs for more than a minute in the past week but that means good things for you. In fact, it might even mean many good things! I’ve mentioned before how much I love the diagonal stripes and this week, I’ve got them in large supply for your downloading desires.

First up is a set of journaling cards and a bonus little silver-striped strip (say THAT three times fast – HA!). As always, click the thumbnail to go to the download.

More coming soon! Stay tuned….

More chevron!

Hello and happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.

Today I’m back with some more chevron, this time in yellows and blues, for reader Ashley (plus one bonus red). Click each thumbnail to go to the corresponding pdf download. I will have the downloads page organized in a few weeks so until then, you’ll need to grab the various chevrons from each post. Cheers.

Freebie Friday: Mega Chevron Edition

Hello world!

Whenever I log into my blog dashboard I always take a peek at the analytics and sometimes, I just have to laugh. It’s good to know how many visitors I’ve had, what the most popular posts are, and the keywords that land people on my site.

While some of those keywords really have me laughing (and wondering what led the user to wind up at my site), some of them are really helpful. For instance, the single most popular search that lands people on my main page is chevron download.

Well, the people have spoken & I am here to deliver!

Today you’ll find the first in a series of various chevron downloads, all in pdf format on a portait 8.5″x11″ page. (Although the beauty of pdf is that you can scale it to whatever paper you want to print on.)

If you’d like to request custom size graphics or custom colors, drop me a line! Click the image below of the download you wish to open, and it will take you to the pdf. If you encounter any problems, please let me know. Enjoy!

Even more projects

And here are the last of the projects I’ve been working on the past few weeks:

I had a lot of fun working on these pages – there’s something really relaxing to sitting down for a day of memory keeping. If you want to see some additional layouts, More »

A new freebie for you

Since most of my previous downloads are not yet available, here’s a chic little chevron paper for your enjoyment. Click the image below to go to the download and enjoy. Cheers!

In other news, if you’re interested in blog happenings, so far I’ve been able to recover about 50% of my previous uploads. I’m working on the rest, slowly but surely- I want to make sure they’re clean before I re-upload. Woot.

Correction to Friday’s freebie

Apparently I wasn’t paying attention when I saved the pdf for last Friday’s freebie “You Rule” thank you card. I unintentionally restricted printing from the pdf, which is clearly a problem when it’s a card meant to print and share.

I updated the pdf and you should have no problems printing it now. Sorry about that! I’ve put the card on the downloads page also. Click the link below to open the pdf. Have a great Tuesday!


I’ve also created a little 8.5 x 11″ poster for your use. Cheers.