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Cleaning House

Hey there! Happy almost-spring!

Thanks for visiting this old blog despite the lack of updates. And thanks for your comments/messages. Here are responses to the latest requests.

Bev requested Grey Chevron #2 in a landscape format. She wasn’t able to rotate bc of the pw protect, so first here’s an updated pdf w/o password:
grey2b chevron pattern update

Here it is simply rotated to landscape orientation:
grey2c chevron pattern

And here is the pattern completely rotated & adjusted to fit landscape:
grey2altb chevron pattern

Next I received a comment from Nata wanting to know how to save as a jpg; since the pw protect was also on this file, it wasn’t possible. Here is a jpg of the Anchors Aweigh pattern:
20130611anchorsupd2b JPG

And here is the updated pdf for Nata:
anchorsupd2b anchors pattern

And finally, Tracey posted a comment regarding the Tiffany Blue Chevron. Here’s the large pattern pdf updated to remove the password:
tiffanyblu2 chevron pattern update


And here’s the smaller Tiffany Blue chevron pattern pdf:
tiffchevsm pattern update

And finally, I have the first round of organization started on my downloads files. You can access a sampling of the chevron patterns by clicking the link under FREEBIES in the menu bar, or by visiting this link

This is only the beginning, folks. Much more awesomeness to come!

Remember, I love seeing what you make with my patterns, so feel free to email me a pic!

Love Notes Paper Chain

Did you ever make those paper chains in grade school, where you cut strips of colored paper and stapled them in criss-crossing loops to make garland? Well, I DID and LOVED it! That’s what inspired today’s download… though my love note sayings might be a little lame. I never know what to put on those things, haha.

Click the image to go to the pdf, and enjoy!

Feb 10 download - paper chain

The Month of Love Downloads

Hey! Ho! It’s February!!!

I’m going to try to push out a bunch of love-related downloads for you this month. Here’s the first set: some lovely patterns in valentine-y colors.

Click the image below to go to the PDF – all 5 designs are in one file. Enjoy!

Feb 1 downloads

Finally Friday?

Those of you who typically visit my blog via traditional methods, i.e. the internet, may have noticed some connectivity issues on Friday. Suffice it to say that Jess was not happy to have downtime for the fourth time in 2 months due to her website host not making adequate reparations for the massive increase they experienced.

Fortunately, it got worked out and here’s hoping for no further issues!

Here’s Friday’s download, requested by Jenn. Good news: you can open this one in your favorite image editing program. Enjoy!

direct link to jpg version   |    direct link to pdf version

chevron for jenn

Freebie Friday!

Hello, my friends of the interwebs (and Pinterest!) Today I have a companion download to Wednesday’s freebies. There’s just something I’m really digging about that red and blue color combo. Click the image to go to the pdf download, or right click and “save target as…” or “save link as…” to save the download. Then print, trim and rock your Christmas spirit like no other!

Tags & Labels

(I’m off to print some of the latest downloads myself – these are pretty adorable!)

Even more chevron

My chevron pattern downloads continue to be the most popular feature of this here blog, so I will continue to indulge you.

Today’s downloads come from a request by reader Ashley, who asked for greys, navy and yellows. Here is the first batch of greys for you, Ashley! Thanks for writing in. 🙂

I’ll have more sizes in grey soon, and then I will move to the blues & yellows. Stay tuned!

If any of my lovely readers have a specific color you would like to see in a chevron pattern, use the form below to send me an email! I just need the PMS color, CMYK or RGB breakdown, or hex code of the color you like. Also let me know if you’d like it in a full page (the big chevron) or smaller (half sheet, quarter sheet, etc.) and your wish shall be my command. Chevron downloads are after the request form.

Click the thumbnail to go to each download. They won’t be added to my downloads page quite yet, but this summer I will be reorganizing that page and making things a bit easier to navigate. Hooray!

Here’s a sheet with four shades of grey on one: