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Freebie Fridaaay!

I fattened up those stripes a little bit, and even added a double set in the later versions. I could go on and on and on with different color combinations, but that wouldn’t really be healthy, eh?

I try to use a variety of color palettes for you all, I really do. Most of the time I just play around in my Pantone SC library until the combos jive together. If you spend much time around here, you’ll know that I love pink and bright colors, so the downloads often reflect that. (After all, if I wouldn’t want to use my printables, then why on earth would you?) If you’re tired of the brights, or you have other colors you want to see, please let me know in the comments. Even better, if you have a color swatch or image or hex code or any kind of source material, send me an email and attach the source to your note!

As always, right click each thumbnail and either open in a new window or “save target/link as…” to get the PDF. If you save the image and later try to print at full screen, it will be grainy because it’s pretty low resolution.

Free printable stripes paper Free printable stripes paper  More »

Freebie Friday – Geometric Trees

Today’s patterns are the cousins of yesterday’s extreme chevrons. I was just playing around with the placement of my repeating triangles and liked the way these looked.

Click the image to go to the pdf download. PDFs can be opened in any design program, or printed directly from Acrobat or Reader.

I’ll have this week’s downloads added to the downloads page within the next week. Enjoy!

Pink trees pattern Pow trees patternBlue trees pattern Grey trees pattern Orange trees pattern Orange trees pattern

Toss the Confetti

A few months ago, I posted this download inspired by confetti.

Today, I’ve cleaned up the file a bit and bring you “Confetti, Jr.” – smaller circles that I individually placed around the page. It was surprisingly therapeutic. I hope you enjoy the variations!

Confetti Jr free printable Confetti Jr 2b free printable Confetti Jr 3b free printable confetti jr 4b free printable confetti jr 5b free printable confetti jr 6b free printable confetti jr 7b free printable confetti jr 8b free printable

Freebie Friday: Mega Triangles Edition

I was playing around with the triangle pattern from last week and did a few tweaks. Then I couldn’t stop playing with color combinations so I’m sharing a few of them with you today. Some of them are a bit crazy, but that’s what makes them so much fun, right? Enjoy!

tri80s tri80s2 tri80s3 tribarbie tribold1 tribold2triorng tricarni1 tricarni2 

Who wants another download?

I had so much fun creating Friday’s downloads that I went the whole hog by making more and more and more of them. Some I am keeping for myself in my own projects, but I simply must share more of them with you.

Today’s collection is called Funky Dot.

Download, play, have fun and above all else, lemme see what you do with them!

funky dot 3

funky dot 2

funky dot 4

funky dot