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Halloween free printable coffin gift tags

I love me some Halloween, and my enthusiasm wasn’t even dampened by this year’s push by all the stores to shove it in our faces before 4th of July was over.

In trying to think of fun and new free printables for you, I just started playing around with Halloween-y things and eventually arrived at these coffin-shaped gift tags. Now you may be thinking it’s a little weird to use my trademark pink, teal and yellow along with the traditional orange in a Halloween printable, but I like to mix it up and I hope you’ll trust me and just go with it. More »

Freebie Friday! 2016 Halloween edition

I went to a store the other day, and they were already stocking the Halloween section. In August. At first I was appalled, but then I got really excited because I freaking love Halloween! The holiday was on my mind as I began playing with some old design files, so I wound up making you some free printable Halloween cats papers. (Because, why not?!)

Click a thumbnail to go to that design’s full size pdf, or right click/”save target as….” to grab it. If you save these images and try to print them later, you won’t be happy with the pixelated images that come out.

More Halloweeny fun coming soon! Without further adieu, here you go… enjoy! 

Free printable Halloween cats papers - black and grey Free printable Halloween cats papers - purple and blues More »

Halloween is upon us!

Hi friends!

It’s very nearly my favorite holiday, Halloween! I’ve been hoarding crafty supplies to make some awesome crafts but the month has flown by so quickly that I haven’t had a chance to play with them yet. I guess I’ll just be ahead for next year.

I made you a Halloween-inspired pattern, which you can download by clicking the image below. I went one step further with it and created a mini treat bag that was super easy to put together. Check it out!

Halloween bag pattern


Here’s how I made the treat bag:


I folded the paper in half, then I cut out three sides of a rectangle, being sure to leave the folded side alone. I just eye-balled it because I was only putting a handful of candy in the bag so it didn’t need to be giant.


Next I cut slits that went in about 1/4″ on each side right at the fold. Then I folded the sides over. Again, I just eye-balled it because the bag will be curved around the candy so it didn’t need to be precise when I folded the tabs. I also cut along the chevron pattern at the ends to add a little pizzazz. I made it uniform on both sides, but you could follow the chevron on each side to create a different effect. I think next time, though, I’ll just leave it straight.



Next I used my adhesive dot runner on the exterior of each tab (the side with the chevron print) so they would stick together when I folded the bag.


I then folded the bag on the line, sticking the tabs together but also puckering the bag a little so that it would have room to hold some candy.


Here you can see the puckered fold that became the bottom of the bag:


I finished it with some candy and a smile! Haha, sorry. I know that’s cheesy.



There you have it! Quick & easy. (Sorry for the poor iphone photos.) Enjoy!


New freebie, kinda creepy

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through my favorite month, and I haven’t shared any super fun Halloween decorations with you – forgive me!

I was playing around with the shape of a skull, trying to make a wonky yet cool version… I’m not sure how totally cool it is, but I like it as a pattern.

I’m going to print out the orange one and fill a black frame with it.

Click the images below to go to the pdf. Enjoy!

Skulls 1 free printable pattern Halloween Skulls 2 free printable pattern Halloween

Skulls 3 free printable pattern Halloween skulls 4 free printable pattern Halloween

DIY Halloween Decor

I love October – the fall, crisp air. Pumpkin flavored this and that. HALLOWEEN. It’s my favorite. It should be no surprise, then, that I wanted to make my new place a little more festive for the fall holiday season.

For starters, I grabbed a template from Martha Stewart and cut out the bat shape. Then I traced it on to several pieces of black printer paper and cut them out. I folded the wings to create a natural shape, then used hot glue to attach to a length of clear fishing line. I simply taped the fishing line to my ceiling and walah- bat cave. I cut random, different lengths of the fishing line to make them appear more natural.

Note: you could also use the spiders in the template to create a creepy crawly ceiling.

Next up, I re-used the Martha template to make bat garland (not pictured).

Then I grabbed a fantastic foam skull from Michael’s. I had a coupon so it wound up being less than $10. I painted the inside of the eyes and nose in addition to the area around the face with glue, then sprinkled it with black glitter. The skull was already “dirtied up” for sale so it just added to the effect.

I took some red Maya Mist and splattered/dripped it on the skull for some added creep. Next I wound some white tulle around a bunch of artificial flowers and stuck it in the foam of the skull. I splattered that with red mist, too. I made sure to leave room in the middle for a candle, which I added later with a cut down wooden skewer.

You can’t see it very well in the photo, but for the finishing touch I used the hot glue gun to create spider webs on the flowers. I just set the tip on one part of a flower, then quickly lifted and then set it down at another end. I did that repeatedly and soon had a whole web.

The last two DIY touches are my black roses and some tulle. I had a white frame waiting to be used, so I placed it on the wall above a lamp. Then I tied two black artificial roses together with string and then wrapped some wire ribbon around to form a bow. I used a push pin to hang the roses in the middle of the frame and had an instant decoration. The cool thing about placing it above the lamp is that it cast some eeiry shadows on the wall.

Lastly, I got a roll of black tulle about 6″ long from JoAnn for $2.50 and put it to good use. I unrolled it and loosely strung it around a chandelier, through the shelf, around some decorative items and crumbled up in the entertainment center. Great final touch.

I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own holiday decor. Have fun!

Monday freebies

Hello and Happy Monday to you!

I’ve been cleaning out my computer and starting the process of organizing my downloads for you. As a result, I’ve found a number of random downloads I created either for myself or for you but never posted. Here you go. Enjoy!

JPG arrows – right click and “save as…” to download


PDF downloads – click the thumbnail to go to the download

There ya go. Enjoy! Be back soon with more downloads – I received a few custom chevron requests so I’ll be working on those shortly. Cheers.

Ideas + Inspiration

I’m in need of some crafty inspiration this afternoon, so while I listen to the Cards game I’ve been browsing some cool ideas online. Check ’em out:




I love this idea of layering strips in the background and putting them seamlessly together. Definitely trying this tonight!



Image source: http://www.journalofcuriousthings.co.uk/2012/03/ill-fated-trip.html




I wish I could mist like Maggie Holmes, but mine never comes out that way. Love it.



I’m totally doing this spiderweb on my Halloween mini!


Well, there are the ideas I was looking at today. I’ll be back later with more inspo! Cheers.

Letterpress Love

As an artist and typofile I just can’t help but be in love with letterpress work. I have a pipe dream of someday owning a bonafide, legit letterpress but until that day arrives, I’ve been making do with the Lifestyle Crafts L Letterpress Kit and I have to say, I kind of love it.

Have you heard about this tool? My mom gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago and I was overjoyed but super intimidated. After a few unsuccessful runs, I gave up and tucked it away for about a year. This past summer I started playing with it again and absolutely fell in love. I’ve mostly been using it for cards but lately I started playing around with various papers and want to find ways to incorporate the prints into my scrapbooking.

This weekend I spent some time playing with the newest plate to be added to my collection, Spooked, and it was a ton of fun! I made some envelopes to accompany the cards I’m making for my staff, but then I decided to print up some stationery stuff and started mixing ink colors just for kicks.

Here’s a crappy phone image of the envelopes. I love white on black linen. 🙂

I also played around a bit with the chevron background plate:
ChevronNow all I can think about is ordering more plates & putting them to use. I’ve already set up the dining room as a little printing studio… more fun stuff to come (and a little cleaner work) – soon you’ll see some stuff on my etsy! Are you ready?

Now click this link for some amazing letterpress on Pinterest!