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Shamrock & Roll garland

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, so I bring you a few more ways to decorate your home or office. Today’s file is a set of shamrocks that you can use for garland. The first page has the shamrocks connected in rows; print and cut, then connect each row with your favorite adhesive. The second page of the PDF has the second image, just shamrocks on a page. Print and cut, then use them with your own paper or string for garland, or use them in any other fashion you can think up! The third page of the PDF has a bunch of rows of green strips, just in case you don’t have green paper on hand (and want it.) More »

Irish Love – March 1

Happy March, the month to celebrate my favorite lady, good ole Eire. (That’s Ireland to most of the world.) Most people don’t realize my love, or near-obsession, with the country until they bring up something Irish or I mention it in one of my many ramblings about how awesome the Irish and Ireland truly are.

For as long as I can remember, at least since elementary school, I have felt Ireland calling to me. I dreamed of visiting and partaking in some true Irish customs, meeting my people, and experiencing the vast green of the land. To further this pursuit, I started learning Irish (Gaeilge) a few years ago and although it’s a difficult and tricky language to learn, I’ve been loving it so far. (If you visit Ireland, you’ll get by just fine with English- it’s the predominant language of the land.)

In 2011, my dreams finally came true- I got to visit The Republic of Ireland. JW and I spent three days in the lovely land of leprechauns and literally drove across the entire country twice. It was quite an adventure but one I’d love to repeat in the near future.

Ring of Kerry- June 1, 2011

It was truly a humbling and amazing experience and I can’t believe how utterly perfect the weather was for us. However, I digress. The point of this long, gushing post is to share that during the entire first half of March, I’ll be featuring some excellent ways to celebrate/spend St. Patrick’s Day mostly from amazing pins on Pinterest. I’ve gathered some really fun ideas and resources for you and I can’t wait to share them!

To get you started, here are a few images from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin:

This is me in front of the Cathedral in June 2011, sick with my 101 degree fever, to boot!


While we were there on this beautiful day, the church bells started playing:

Enjoy and I’ll be back soon with the first bit of inspiration!

Eire the Grand

Earlier in the year, I had the greatest joy in visiting Ireland and ever since we made it back to America, I can’t get that experience out of my head. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. Rolling green hills, fantastical gleaming water, a friendly smile wherever you may go and a brogue as thick as a pint of Guinness all await you on the emerald isle.

This past week in particular I’ve been heartsick for Ireland and I’ve begun to plan my return. I look forward to the day that I’m financially able to purchase some land and spend my summers on the Dingle peninsula. Until then, I guess I’ll have to settle for reminiscing through my photos.

Check out some of my favorites from the Ring of Kerry + Dingle & Slea’ Head Drive.

You can see the rest of my photos from our little adventure by visiting my Shutterfly share site. Cheers.

Some favorite sources of information on Ireland:

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a little journey to this magical land. Until next time, slan!