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Amy T’s Sketchbook line

I bought some of the newest Amy Tangerine line shortly after CHA-W, but never got around to using it… until now.

I have to admit, it was kind of fun to do some sketching of my own, break out the watercolors, and just be bright and cheery.

This is what resulted:

I had fun with the little Bits in the line, too. The flower on the bottom right was pre-printed on the paper, I just filled it in with watercolor. The “spread the love” banner on the bottom right was a part of the Bits, which I layered on top of two strips of washi tape (LOVE that pink & white striped tape from Target!)

The camera was another of the Bits – I popped it up a bit with foam dots, and added the three swirly lines down from it to the flower then filled them with watercolor.

There are two ink splatters which came from my new Mr. Huey’s Pretty Pink mist, plus a few more Amy T cutouts and her flower doily stamp from her first release. Add on some discontinued AC rub ons from the Teen line, my favorite October Afternoon letter stickers (here and here), some American Crafts Remarks letter stickers + my all time fav Thickers, a little hand doodling + watercolor and a pennant from Elle’s Studio and we’re done.

The back story: I will admit without shame that I was a fan of N*Sync. When I lived in Philadelphia, my friend Christina and I had a lovely little summer adventure when we decided to visit Orlando for the group’s annual charity event, Challenge for the Children. It was really a lot of fun. So that’s the story with the photo. 🙂

Design regret: After I started the extra journaling below the journaling box, I immediately regretted it. I wish there was a CTRL+Z button for real life! I am always so awful with journaling, which surprises me because I’m pretty strong with oral and written communication. Oy. This was a wrong decision and totally throws the design out of whack- let’s just try to imagine the page without the journaling, shall we?

Overall, though, I had fun and love the page. This has definitely inspired me to get on the Sketchbook bandwagon and get some more goodies!

Even more projects

And here are the last of the projects I’ve been working on the past few weeks:

I had a lot of fun working on these pages – there’s something really relaxing to sitting down for a day of memory keeping. If you want to see some additional layouts, More »

More layouts

Here are more of the projects I’ve been working on recently. Enjoy!

This one was fun because I had a piece of patterned paper that I was going to give away, just because the pattern wasn’t one that worked for my style. At the last moment, I decided to try and transform it- after all, what’s the worst that could happen? If I mess it up, I can always order another photo print. So I painted the paper with a few layers of white acrylic, then had some fun with watercolors. I put some washi down and then the photo, and created the fuse to connect to the bomb. A few stickles and we’re done. Fun stuff, eh?


Ideas + Inspiration

I’m in need of some crafty inspiration this afternoon, so while I listen to the Cards game I’ve been browsing some cool ideas online. Check ’em out:




I love this idea of layering strips in the background and putting them seamlessly together. Definitely trying this tonight!



Image source: http://www.journalofcuriousthings.co.uk/2012/03/ill-fated-trip.html




I wish I could mist like Maggie Holmes, but mine never comes out that way. Love it.



I’m totally doing this spiderweb on my Halloween mini!


Well, there are the ideas I was looking at today. I’ll be back later with more inspo! Cheers.

A new freebie for you

Since most of my previous downloads are not yet available, here’s a chic little chevron paper for your enjoyment. Click the image below to go to the download and enjoy. Cheers!

In other news, if you’re interested in blog happenings, so far I’ve been able to recover about 50% of my previous uploads. I’m working on the rest, slowly but surely- I want to make sure they’re clean before I re-upload. Woot.

On a roll

I’m fortunate to be in a space that allows me to have an entire room devoted to my creative endeavors and this past week I’ve made a concerted effort to make at least one thing each day. Here’s my progress, using my personal challenge of scrapping with my stash in the process:

I loved the red color of my Target photo envelope so I punched some clouds from it, used a piece of a Starbucks bag (leftover from my daily album) and cut some strips from a Sassafras Lass 6×6 paper pad. I feel like there should be some sort of embellishment to the left of “museum” above the journaling because the writing is formatted oddly, but on the whole I like this page. Fun times! I LOVE those tomato red thickers!

As part of my personal challenge, I blindly grabbed this red chevron paper from October Afternoon and I loved it so much, I didn’t want to use it. I decided to use it very sparingly, and grabbed a piece of kraft as my base instead. I printed the photo on the left from my computer just with my laser printer- I hope it lasts. The black pennant to the right of the instax mini is propped up with foam squares. It then lifts the top of the photo a bit.

This last one was for a challenge on Two Peas using the new Dear Lizzy line. I’m not one for pastel, so I decided to take the challenge and in the process, purchased a bunch of her new line. I had this photo of me and my aunt that was just waiting to be scrapped, so I just started taking some elements from her line and adding them to the page. I loved the look of the vellum butterflies and the ease of punching them I experienced. I actually wound up making 30 or so butterflies that shall soon be incorporated into another project. Woot.

I’m really digging getting into the crafting groove. The other day at work I was stricken with all of this inspiration and couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5 so I could run home and CREATE. That truly is one of the best feelings in the world. So much fun to be had!

In other news, I’m working on some fun things for the shop. I’ve been hoarding -er, gathering, Halloween papers and stamps for a couple of fun fall projects I have in mind. I had a hard time finding papers in the design style I had in mind, so I’ve taken to creating some various designs myself. There’s a purple layered paper that I’m particularly excited about, which will be used in the mini book I’m putting together. Hopefully the kits will be something that interests others. Stay tuned for more!

personal challenge

Lately I’ve been flabbergasted by the sheer amount of product I own- and my continual need to purchase more. In an effort to alleviate some of the stress it’s been causing me, I have created a personal challenge that I’ve been working through and so far I think it’s been kind of fun.

Here’s the deal:
First, I have tucked as many papers into an old tote as will fit
. I bring this tote with me to crops. It’s heavy but I always leave it packed so it cuts down on packing/selection time.

When I’m ready for a new page, I reach into the tote without looking and grab a sheet. This is the page I must use. I then look through the stack of photos that I am forcing myself to use and keep looking until I find one or more to go with the paper.

That might sound frightening, which it kind of is, but it’s also kind of exciting. And at the end of the day, if I dislike the finished product I can always print another photo and try it again with new papers & embellies.

Here’s my first attempt at stepping outside the comfort zone. I have to admit, when I pulled this orange paper I was a little worried because it’s totally not my style.

Since I was not so comfortable with this paper, I immediately went to my sprays. I started with some chalkboard spray paint (it gives a nice matte finish) and used a method I learned from Debee Campos. I sprayed into the cap of the spray paint and then immediately dripped it onto the paper. I then flung the rest of the paint from inside the cap onto the page. Next I lifted up the page and let the cluster of paint on the right drip a bit.

I then splattered some white, pink and orange onto the page and followed it up with a few sprays of the orange. What was left was a mess that was honestly more intimidating than the initial paper had been. So I left this page and went to another. This is what I made:

Am I totally happy with this? No. Will it work? Yes.  I had different plans for this page, but the inspiration was just not yet flowing. I made it work and am fine with it. Dontcha love the little Aquabat at the bottom? He’s so cute. I love him.


So I got that out of my system and went back to the orange page. It was a hot mess- but this was a good thing because it helped me determine where to place my image and embellishments. I started layering things down, only putting adhesive on the very center of them so I could layer more things around and once again, this is what I wound up with:

I finished the page with some lines from my Prismacolor Markers and then added a piece of washi tape at the top right. While it’s not my favorite layout of all time, I dig it. Excellent.

I’m definitely looking forward to more challenges like this. It helps minimize the stress of making decisions- everything is left to chance (well, kind of.) FUN!

March progress

A while back I shared some of the base pages for my Daily March Album 2012.

Well, here are some of the detail pages. Funny how events of the day & silly mistakes can change the page in the blink of an eye. Cheers.

Lesson of this project: MORE PHOTOS NEEDED. Since I will soon be upgrading to the iphone 4s, that shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully no more I can stop being sick all the time, too.

March Madness 2

Last month I posted about starting my March album base pages and since it’s now March, I wanted to share some of them with you:

It’s kind of ironic that I used the “Fun Times” tag on day 1, since that’s when I was still really, really ill. Go figure. LOL.

This one is super simple but came together nicely with the Sassafras Lass paper, trim and corner sticker. Love those Amy Tangerine thickers and the October Afternoon Mini Market letter stickers.

I absolutely adore this puppy sticker from October Afternoon.

I will never grow tired of using doilies in my projects. THANK YOU to whomever thought of using them in crafts, layouts, etc. So awesome! The balloon is a House of Three Daily Junque printable that came on a bonus disc when I ordered the collection from HSN.

This Sassfras paper is so precious and I will forever be grateful to Michelle Clement for the design. I love its simplicity and elegance. Just added an OA butterfly sticker at the end of some washi tape and more of those Amy Tangerine thickers.

I’m in the process of finishing up today’s page and then I’ll take more photos of the completed pages so far and the base pages for the rest of the month. I also have an altered book that I’ve been working on (although now it’s kind of the norm thanks to Maggie’s awesome class) and an altered sketchbook in addition to the April printable calendar and a ton of St. Patrick’s Day printables. Have a great day!!

March Madness pt 1

The other day I mentioned my March album and how excited I was to be able to get started on the base pages. Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect come March 1:

I think this chicken coop print is my favorite Hambly overlay of all time. It’s so versatile and I love it. I liked the look of it paired in front of the Studio Calico herringbone-esque pattern. I also really love these American Crafts Thickers that I’ve been hoarding, and it seemed like the perfect occasion to crack them open and finally put them to good use. I’m also slightly obsessed with the October Afternoon Mini Market letter stickers so it’s no shock that I used them on this page. Initially, I had planned to put a simple banner behind the letters and be done with it but after putting them down together it was clear I needed a little something extra. Keep in mind when you’re working with overlays that you have to make a plan for the backside, as well. In this case, I folded the teal paper in half and then cut the banner from it. If I were less lazy, I’d adhere it to both sides of the overlay but in reality, I just pasted it down and made peace with the slight notice of adhesive showing through on the backside.

Lately I’ve been pretty infatuated with this arrow banner in all of my designs:

I decided to replicate it on the cover with my washi tape. We all know how to make the banners that everyone’s been gaga over, and I just enhanced it a little to take it to another level. Here’s your how-to of it:

Enjoy, have fun and have a great time with it. I’ll be back soon with more pages from the album. Cheers.