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Freebie Friday! 2016 Halloween edition

I went to a store the other day, and they were already stocking the Halloween section. In August. At first I was appalled, but then I got really excited because I freaking love Halloween! The holiday was on my mind as I began playing with some old design files, so I wound up making you some free printable Halloween cats papers. (Because, why not?!)

Click a thumbnail to go to that design’s full size pdf, or right click/”save target as….” to grab it. If you save these images and try to print them later, you won’t be happy with the pixelated images that come out.

More Halloweeny fun coming soon! Without further adieu, here you go… enjoy! 

Free printable Halloween cats papers - black and grey Free printable Halloween cats papers - purple and blues More »

Fly Me to the Moon

Hi there!

I’m back with another download, this time a few new shades of the cupid arrows. I’ve been tinkering with a number of things on the back end of the site, and very shortly you may notice some changes if you come to the blog directly. I’m very excited!

I’ve also been working on lots of DIY projects experiments as well as a ton of papercrafting adventures that I can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned; it’s about to get real exciting up in here!

Have fun with the downloads, and as always – let me know what you’re doing with them. I love to see pics! Lately, I’ve been printing some of the patterns onto vellum and using them as background layers or pages in mini albums.

Note: The people have spoken… my downloads are now unrestricted, so you can open them in your favorite image editing program. For now, it’s just the new ones, but eventually I’ll get through all the downloads. 

orange arrows 2b 3b 6b4b 5b

Spearmint downloads

Happy Thursday!

Today I have a different color palette for you; I was going for spearmint and then the purple hues poked their way into the design. Click the image to go to the pdf download, or right click “save target as…” to save the pdfs. Please note that if you right click and “save as…” you will only save the jpg preview image; you must save the target to get the pdf file.

Green chevron paper download


Purple chevron paper download


Green and Purple chevron paper download


Spearmint elements download