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It’s my party, I can use pink if I want to…

I’m smack in the middle of a lovely stay-cation and while I’m not accomplishing everything I had planned, I have been pretty successful in getting more organized and catching up on some UFOs. I’m so thrilled that I finally finished this album from my 30th birthday. I started the project during a scrapbooking convention called Reflections; it was a kit from the workshop led by Debbie Ruiz and was one of my favorites. Now it’s in my mini book basket and I’m ready for the next unfinished project.


Mini book: Three cheers for good friends

I’m totally in love with NYC, and even decorated my bedroom in a Big Apple theme. Once upon a time, I had this print hanging in my house:

Cavallini New York Transit Map
Image Source: Cavallini via Paper Source

…that is, until I got a new roommate.

Finn ripped the poster off the wall and it should have been ruined… but have no fear, Madame Bookmaker is here! Instead of throwing it away, I turned it into a crude (read: quick & not very precise) mini-book in combination with some great Hambly papers.

Laura and I became friends in 2nd or 3rd grade through PSR (Parish School of Religion) at our church. Even though we were in different school districts, we both managed to gain employment at our local grocery store and continued our friendship into our adult years. I finally convinced her to come visit me in California, which turned into quite the adventure when St. Louis was hit with the worst tornado since 1967. It went right through StL’s only airport (like, literally through the airport) and Laura’s flight home was cancelled. What else was there to do but hit the town and drink some beer. This mini book is the result of that adventure…





6-inside 7-inside 8-inside



I skipped over some pages for the sake of privacy and brevity, so it seems like I just glossed over the severity of the situation. Rest assured, that is not the case as there were many panicked phone calls made in an effort to determine how Laura might get home. The airport was closed for two days and all flights were cancelled. In addition, both of our parents’ houses were without power and our childhood stomping grounds were a disaster zone. Thankfully we were able to catch up with all of our loved ones via social media or phone, but it was still a stressful and frightening situation. I still get goosebumps when I review the video footage.


To top it all off, we were rear-ended on the way home. We had been sitting at a stoplight on PCH for at least a minute, and the woman behind me was on her cell phone. She got confused and thought that the light turned green, so randomly she bumped into me. Fortunately, there was no damage and no one was hurt, except perhaps for the near-extinct brain cells of the woman behind us. Not a great weekend – but we made the best of it and were determined to have some fun while Laura was still here.




15-insideYes, I scrapbooked about beer.


Looking through this book today, I love it just the way it is. I know it’s not perfectly lined up but it has character and it totally works for me.

What I made at our NSD party

Did you celebrate National Scrapbooking Day at the beginning of the month? Our crew sure did, and we had a blast!

Thanks to our favorite LSS and crop location, Custom Impressions in Bellflower, CA for hosting the party. It was a lot of fun, and we even got some free goodies. You rule!

Teresa and Diana made sure the store was full with new product, and I couldn’t help but drop some change on the new Crate Paper line, The Pier. I love the mix of vintage and modern, and bought almost every single piece. There were a lot of other cute releases, too, and I’m glad they worked well with older product.

Here’s a look at some of the projects I completed:

layout1-island layout2-rose layout3-mickey layout4-macurh layout5-xyzyxmelt layout6-bounty layout7-gg layout8-eat layout9-xyzyx layout10-xyzyx layout11-xyzyx

I even managed a two-page spread, which is new for me:layout12-gtherolayout13-gthero

That’s just the tip of the iceberg; I started a method I call “scrap fast” in which I do not allow myself to think too long about what I’m doing. Instead it’s all about the initial gut instincts when placing a page. I start thinking about a really fast song to keep me on tempo with the fast scrapping. I think it worked out pretty well on this day.

I’ll be back later with a look at my layouts from Universal Studios as well as a mini album that I completed during the NSD party.

Ode to a Cat

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

I’m gathering with some of my favorite crafty ladies for a late night of scrappin’ & yappin’ at our LSS. I hope you’re enjoying your day, as well.

Lately I’ve been powering through a bunch of layouts and have been trying to reorganize my photos. In the process, I have started to gather a ton of random images of my roommate, all of which were quite silly and didn’t seem to fit on a singular layout.

As a result, I whipped up a quick mini-book featuring the little beast. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at my little rascal’s many sleeping places. Enjoy.

I can sleep on that ican2 ican3 ican4 ican5 ican6 ican7

I also made a layout with some photos of my sweet roommate.


And then I made a layout honoring a cat that used to stay with me sometimes. No joke, he would snuggle at night and when I fell asleep, he would gently poke my face with his paw as if to say, “Hey. You fell asleep. Wake up and scratch my head. Kthxbye.”





A little of that magic- Color Magic

Back in the early days of my scrapbooking hobby, the only name that I knew and loved was Heidi Swapp. Over the years, this woman has inspired me to get creative, get messy and to make pretty things.

As such, it was no surprise that I rushed out to Michaels as soon as I caught Heidi’s instagram feed stating that her products were now available there. Added to the excitement was a little contest using her wood products and I was eager for an excuse to play with them!

Getting ready to scrapI couldn’t resist grabbing the Sugar Chic paper pack, which provided some added pizzazz for the album.

Star wood albumI went with the star album because, well, I liked the star. So without further adieu, I share with you… my Every Day Miracles. (The S fell off the cover… dangit!)










This last page was the most fun… I sprayed lighter pink mist on the top, a medium fuchsia in the middle and a dark plum at the bottom of the page. Then, since the Color Magic paper resists, I wiped it with a paper towel to really blend. I love the dark lines with the white resist… LOVE IT!


Repurposed sample booklet

This past weekend I had the chance to connect with my scrappy friends at our favorite spot and it was actually pretty productive for me. I was excited to finish this Disneyland mini that I made from a paper samples booklet that my boss gave me.

We had all these old samplers sitting around the office and when we did some remodeling, she gave them to me because she didn’t want them to go in the trash. I was determined to make them into something pretty!


I covered each side with pretty patterned paper … this time, I used my coveted stash of Sassafras Lass…


I figured out the process of un-hinging the stacked papers from the sampler, then cut my own and stapled them back in. I felt very smart after accomplishing this feat…


I went minimal on the next page because I love those hearts combined with the October Afternoon letter stickers and Elle’s Studio elements. I used the letter stickers on the upper sheet of overlay just in the area that you could read the photo printing.


I tried to keep it simple enough, but I can’t help going overboard with embellies. I also added an element of surprise in this one…


I taped the photos together to make a fake panorama.





When you open the left side, it has a pouch for more photos and looks like this:


All in all, it was a fun project and I’ve already started another one. I have a number of these books in different sizes and I’m looking forward to experimenting!

Happy Little Accidents

Recently, whilst playing around with a different design idea, I accidentally hit the wrong shortcut key and it sparked some inspiration.

I wound up creating this totally random but completely groovy design and I wanted to share it with you. It’s unlike my usual work, other than the fact that it’s pretty darn bold, but I still totally dig it. This new job has definitely expanded my world view and the opportunity to design all day, every day has increased my creativity immeasurably. I’m diggin’ it.

Click the image below to go to the pdf, then save and print and have fun with it! I think I might put this behind a nice white mat then into a lovely little frame. Perfecto!

Hey! Hey! It’s Friday! I had a few minutes to kill between gigs so I made you some other versions. It’s amazing what a little shift in color can do. Fun!

Pink, Blue, Green, Orange
Mint, Pink, Orange
Groovy Halloween